Meet your Soulie.

Your algorithmic companion for the Web, Metaverse and beyond.

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Let Soulie change your life

Your digital self under your control

By meeting your Soulie, you meet an algorithmic representation of yourself. You have full control over how your algorithm develops and adapts to the changes in your life.

Make algorithmic connections

Tell your Soulie what you’re looking for and Soulie will roam the world to find the right match. Connections between Soulies are made only if Soulies determine a good algorithmic match. No more swiping.

Goodbye, doomscroll

Soulie loves scrolling the internet for you so you can stay offline longer with no FOMO. Soulie will monitor all your favorite information sources and will bring you a daily report containing only the information you care about, without the noise.

It’s time to make algorithms work for us

Our mission

We believe that we can take back power from tech giants who use algorithms to keep us scrolling so they can sell us things.

We want to give everyone the power to train their own algorithms - Soulies - so we can break free from the attention economy and make technology and algorithms work for our benefit.

Claim your Soulie


Claim your Soulie today to be prepared for the Metaverse and everything beyond.